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Many people enroll in executive MBA programs administered online. These programs are popular because many business professionals in mid-level management positions are required to complete executive MBA programs before they can receive a senior-level management promotion. Many business professionals with executive MBAs work as project managers, chief executives, and senior managers.

Business professionals who successfully complete an executive MBA program will develop the skills necessary to solve difficult problems, provide leadership, and organize teams of employees to complete tasks. To train students to accomplish these tasks, they are required to complete courses in operations management, risk assessment, developing business strategy, and leadership.

Those enrolling in online executive MBA programs can continue to acquire work experience as they earn an MBA. Many mid-level managers are not in a position to return to school full-time, so online programs enable them to work during the day and complete courses at night, on the weekends, or whenever they have free time.

Earning an executive MBA will not automatically guarantee anyone a management promotion, but most companies looking to fill senior-level management positions usually promote those demonstrating exceptional ability and possessing a graduate degree. Senior-level managers are usually well paid. Most CEOs and senior-level managers earn more than $100,000 a year.

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