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There are many career paths people interested in the environment can pursue. Opportunities are available in forestry, fire science, geographic information science, and many other fields. Earning a master’s degree in environmental science is a great way to begin a career where you can enjoy the natural beauties of the earth while earning a living.

If you currently work in an environmental science related career but have yet to receive a promotion, earning a master’s degree is a great way to differentiate yourself and increase your marketability for upward movement. For example, many firefighters receive promotions after gaining years of experience, but those who earn a master’s degree in fire science put themselves on a fast track to firefighting leadership and management jobs that carry with them increased responsibility and salaries.

Some of the most popular environmental science master’s degree programs are those in forestry and wildlife. Since forestry jobs are highly coveted, those with master’s degrees can set themselves apart from other job candidates. Many forestry jobs are available at National Parks and Forests. These regions are some of the most naturally beautiful areas in the world. Working in forestry can be hazardous, but forest rangers working in management positions have numerous administrative duties that keep them indoors.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that growth in environmental science related careers should increase by nearly 30 percent until 2018. This figure is substantially higher than growth rates in other industries. Job opportunities in fire science and forestry should be fairly good in the near future for those wanting to work in these industries.

Environmental Science Master’s Degree Programs

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