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Engineers with only bachelor’s degrees can increase their opportunities to receive a pay raise or promotion by returning to school and earning a master’s degree. Since engineering is a field where research is constantly being conducted and technology changes, enrolling in an online master’s degree program in engineering is a great way to obtain new knowledge. Students have the option of studying civil, computer, mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineering, in addition to numerous other specialties. Engineers interested in conducting research can find opportunities with a graduate degree.

Students in these programs will acquire up to date knowledge in their selected fields and learn more about business and engineering management. Individuals pursuing the online option can keep their full-time jobs while they earn a graduate degree.

Steady job growth is expected in engineering fields throughout the United States, but growth varies in each field. Engineers with master’s degrees are usually paid more than their colleagues with master’s degrees. During 2004, the median salary for electrical engineers possessing master’s degrees was just more than $64,000 a year. This salary figure is $10,000 more than the salary figure of those with bachelor’s degrees.

Master’s degree programs in Engineering

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