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Many people begin engineering and technology research related careers by completing engineering associate’s programs. Among the jobs available for engineering professionals with associate’s degrees include production managers, research specialists, project engineers, drafters, and technicians. According to one professional organization, graduates from engineering associate’s programs are in the upper percentile of in-demand professionals heavily recruited by engineering and technology firms.

Students enrolled in these programs will be required to complete advanced math, engineering, and science classes, which could include calculus, logic and pulse circuits, properties of light and waves, advanced physics, thermodynamics, and mechanics. After successful completing an engineering associate’s program, graduates will be ready to develop a blueprint that could eventually serve as the basis for new technology.

There are many job opportunities available for engineering graduates, especially in environmental and biomedical engineering. Additionally, engineers with associate’s degrees usually enjoy very large incomes compared to professionals in other fields holding associate’s degrees. The average entry-level salary for engineers possessing associate’s degrees is more than $28,000. However, engineers with bachelor’s degrees usually enjoy much higher annual salaries. There are no guarantees promised to graduates, but most qualified engineers do not have a difficult time finding jobs.

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