Best Education Policy Design Colleges of 2013

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Education Policy degree programs are designed to prepare students for education policy research and analysis careers in various research settings, including those in government, academia, and non-profit and for-profit institutions. Coursework in these programs tyically focuses on education research methodology, theory and practices. Specific courses may include, but are not limited to, economics of education, cost-benefit analysis, school organization, policymaking, educational finance, and education policy assessment.
Upon completion of the Education Policy program, students will have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to design, evaluate and implement education policy interventions; carry out process evaluations; and analyze educational program policy issues as they related to the broader education economic environment, politics and sociology.

Most education policy programs help students develop and hone their research skills through traditional coursework in quantitative research methods and via faculty supervised research apprenticeships. Most college programs address all educational levels from k12 through higher education. Most education policy and design programs are broken down into four basis components:

  • Coherent and effective policy implementation
  • Incentivation and motivation plan design at the individual and organizational level
  • Organizational preparation to sustain policy implementation and changes once implemented
  • Evaluation of educational policy effectiveness

A few of the more popular graduate level degrees offered in education policy design include the Education Policy (EP), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and EP, Master of Science in Education (M.S.Ed.). The colleges listed below offer the top education policy design graduate programs in the United States. Rankings are based on a composite of major ranking indices, including U.S. News & World Report.

Education Policy Design College Rankings

RankNameAnnual TuitionEnrollment
1Harvard University – Cambridge, MA$34,000990
2Stanford University – Stanford, CA$37,500380
3University of Wisconsin–Madison – Madison, WI$10,500 In-state,
$25,000 Out-of-state
4Vanderbilt University (Peabody) – Nashville, TN$1,500 per credit780
5Columbia University (Teachers College) – New York, NY$1,100 per credit5,100
6University of California–Los Angeles – Los Angeles, CAN/A In-state,
$14,500 Out-of-state
7University of California–Berkeley – Berkeley, CAN/A In-state,
$14,600 Out-of-state
8University of Michigan–Ann Arbor – Ann Arbor, MI$17,624 In-state,
$35,600 Out-of-state
9University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, PA$38,8001,150
10Pennsylvania State University–University Park – University Park, PA$15,400 In-state,
$28,200 Out-of-state

* College rankings based on editor generated composite of major ranking indices.

Other top colleges offering educational policy design programs include the following:

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