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Education is one of the largest industries in America. Most schools and educational institutions will only higher those with bachelor’s or graduate degrees. Working in the educational field can be difficult but also rewarding. Teachers help young students enhance their knowledge and realize their potential, and they help adults enrolled in adult education programs improve their job opportunities. Teachers and education professionals must be patient, attentive, and enjoy working closely with other people.

The following are professionals employed in the educational industry: university and college professors, researchers, course developers, school counselors, and special education, elementary, and secondary teachers. Many professionals also teach community and adult education courses.

Most people employed by schools work 10 months a year, but many teachers decide to teach summer classes. Not all people working in education related fields are teachers. Many educational professionals work as librarians, administrators, and information technology specialists. Most people employed in these roles work year-round.

Although many states are experiencing budget deficits, there should be plenty of opportunities in education related fields during the next ten years. It’s projected that the education industry should grow by 17 percent. This figure is larger than average projected growth in other fields. Those with a passion for learning and helping others reach their dreams should consider pursuing a career in education.

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