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People unhappy with their jobs who’ve always dreamed of working in education often feel it’s impossible to make a career transition because of their numerous job and family responsibilities. However, with the increasing availability of online education programs, anyone can make a career transition and still keep their jobs and attend to their family duties. Students enrolled in online programs can study whenever they have free time. Many people prefer earning an associate’s degree since they receive specialized training without having to spend an extra couple of years in school.

Most education associate’s programs require students to complete courses in the humanities, social sciences, physical sciences, and other general areas of study. Students wishing to specialize have their choice of the following specializations: special, secondary, elementary, and early childhood education. Regardless of specialization, most students enrolled in education programs will learn more about teaching methodology, child development, various teaching strategies, and managing and teaching children with learning and other disabilities.

Graduates of education associate’s programs find jobs as teachers’ assistants, Head Start teachers, and entry-level employees with daycare centers and schools providing education to children and adolescents. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has reported that more than one million teachers’ assistants were employed during 2010. Many schools are constantly seeking qualified candidates with expertise in special education and ESL instruction. Although median yearly salaries for teachers’ assistants was just over $21,000 during 2010, most schools and employers seeking these professionals provide attractivehealthcare benefits.

Education and Teaching Associate Degree Programs

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