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ECPI University offers high-quality degree programs in science, technology, business, criminal justice, medical science, and the culinary arts. It also offers student-centered and innovative programs for students interested in careers in electronics, health science, and information technology. All students complete classes in oral communication, reading, writing, and math.

Curriculum is designed to improve analytical and research skills, enhance creativity, and prepare students to be self-learners throughout their lives. Various methods of teaching are employed to instruct students, and all students can take advantage of the school’s multiple educational resources. Students graduate from ECPI University with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the workforce and contribute to their local communities.

Below are a few of the many programs offered by ECPI University. To view a complete list of programs, and to request more information from this school click on the “Request Information” button below.

  • A.S. – Comp & Info Science – Database Program
  • A.S. – Comp & Info Science � Network Security
  • A.S. – Electronics Engineering Technology
  • B.S. – Electronics Engineering Technology
  • B.S. – Business Administration – Accounting
  • B.S. – Business Administration � IT Mgmt
  • B.S. – Comp & Info Science – Database Program
  • B.S. – Comp & Info Science – Healthcare IT
  • B.S. – Comp & Info Science � Network Security

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