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Managers with the ability to analyze current market trends and develop strategy accordingly, are highly valued by most companies. Those wanting to develop the ability to do this, and apply economic fundamentals to proposed business strategies, can learn these skills by successfully completing an MBA program in economics and strategy. Students enrolled in these programs will be required to complete courses in micro and macroeconomics, game theory, business strategy, etc. They will be taught how to apply these basic concepts into everyday business planning.

Working professionals can earn an MBA while acquiring work experience simultaneously by enrolling in an online program. This makes it possible to complete classes at night or on the weekends, and apply concepts learned through the course of the program to current work problems.

Many people with MBAs in economics and strategy find high paying jobs as market analysts, management consultants, business strategists, and some talented individuals receive senior-level management promotions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most MBA graduates pursuing careers as management consultants and management analysts have higher earning potential than other management professionals. The median pay for management analysts is $80,880 a year and for management consultants it is $78,600 per year.

Most senior-level managers responsible for developing strategy hold MBAs. Graduates of MBA programs in economics and strategy will position themselves for a possible senior-level management promotion.

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