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Online marketing and sales have grown in importance during the last few years. In fact, companies not taking advantage of the Internet do it at their own peril. Those interested in e-business can develop the skills and knowledge necessary to manage a company’s e-business division by successfully completing an MBA program in e-business.

The advent of e-business has drastically altered the way companies are organized and conduct business. Most students enrolled in online MBA programs in e-business must complete courses in information systems, project management, network security, web development, database management, and e-marketing. Most programs offer generalized instruction, but others focus more on managing companies that conduct all their business exclusively online.

E-commerce specialists and managers are heavily recruited by companies interested in expanding their online sales and presence. Salaries vary in each industry, but most e-business managers are well paid for their skills and expertise. It’s not usual for an e-marketing manager to earn about $90,000 a year.

Job growth for e-commerce specialists and managers is projected to increase at a substantial rate since most companies are now using the Internet to market and sell their products and services. Those earning MBAs in e-business will learn the skills necessary to successfully manage a company’s e-business operations.

MBA degrees in E-business and E-commerce

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