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Deaf education is the field of education in which teaching prepares participants to address the unique needs of students with any degree of hearing loss or deafness. This career path opens up professionals to work with individuals ranging from toddlers to adults in a variety of settings. What’s more, graduates will have the rewarding experience of connecting with an often underserved community. If you are interested in pursuing a teacher of the deaf certification or a similar education, there are a number of colleges that offer deaf studies programs.

Hearing impaired studies focuses on the design of educational services and programs for deaf children or adults. Instructors design coursework to help future educators identify students with hearing impairments; effectively communicate; and create educational plans to accommodate unique nuances that accompany deafness. What’s more, students will become intimately familiar with the cultural experiences unique to the deaf community, as well as applicable laws and policies.

Colleges That Offer Deaf Studies Degrees

The following colleges and universities provide majors and degree programs in Deaf/Hearing Impaired Education:

When choosing the college which is best for you, inquire about the specific deaf education classes that the program offers, the amount of sign language instruction they provide, and the amount of exposure you’ll have to representatives to the hard-of-hearing community.

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