Best Curriculum and Instruction Colleges of 2012-2013

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If you’re passionate about education and like to develop learning programs for students, the field of curriculum and instruction may be a perfect fit. Professionals and eductors who pursue a degree in curriculum and instruction will prepare to develop curriculum for large populations of students, rather than individual classes–they will become curriculum specialists.

Curriculum specialists, sometimes referred to as instructional coordinators, design and develop curriculum for schools and education organizations by deciding which textbooks will be used, training teachers and educators, setting achievement standards, and evaluating the overall effectiveness of educational programs. They work with school administrators, making observations and recommendations, with the end goal of improving intellectual development and academic outcomes among students.

The majority of degree programs in curriculum and instruction are offered at the master’s level. Earning a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction will prepare students to become instructional coordinators, and fill various other administrative positions. Degrees programs typically cover various topics including both practical and theoretical aspects of curriculum design and development. Colleges may offer master’s degrees in curriculum and instruction that specialized in nature or general.

Pursuing a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction is a great idea for educators who want to build upon their experience and background in education and launch a career in a sector of education that is expected to experience phenomenal growth and allow them to make a positive impact on a larger number of students. Most curriculum specialists and instructional coordinators work with educational institutions (elementary, secondary and post-secondary), but other are also emplyed with non-profit organizations and government.

Below is a list of the top 10 four-year colleges and university in the United States in the area of graduate level curriculum and instruction education. To find more schools offering degrees in curriculum and instrucation you can perform a search using the “College Degree Finder” tool in the upper right hand corner of this page.

Curriculum and Instruction College Rankings

Rank Name Annual Tuition Enrollment
1 Michigan State University – East Lansing, MI $511/credit In-state
$1,000/credit Out-of-state
2 University of Wisconsin–Madison – Madison, WI $10,500 In-state,
$25,000 Out-of-state
3 Columbia University (Teachers College) – New York, NY $1,100 per credit 5,100
4 Stanford University – Stanford, CA $380 $37,400
5 Ohio State University – Columbus, OH $11,000 In-state,
$26,500 Out-of-state
6 University of Michigan–Ann Arbor – Ann Arbor, MI $17,624 In-state,
$35,600 Out-of-state
7 University of Georgia – Athens, GA $6,000 In-state,
$20,900 Out-of-state
8 University of Illinois–Chicago – Chicago, IL $8,800 In-state,
$20,800 Out-of-state
9 Indiana University–Bloomington – Bloomington, IN $330/credit In-state,
$970/credit Out-of-state
10 University of Washington – Seattle, WA $10,700 In-state,
$24,000 Out-of-state

* College rankings based on editor generated composite of major ranking indices.

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