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Agricultural crop farmers and managers are responsible for directing and coordinating crop production and harvesting activities, such as planting, irrigation, applying chemicals, grading, harvest, payroll, and recordkeeping. Crop managers must also coordinate production activities with those of equipment maintenance and purchasing, engineering, packaging and shipping, and other related activities. They analyze current and future market conditions, determine acreage allocation for growings, direct production of hybrid plan varieties, and make arrangements for sale of crops. In addition to discipline specific responsibilities crop managers prepare fiancial statements and year-end operational reports, secure bank financing and make budget proposals.

Crop production colleges and universities offers programs designed to prepare students to cultivate grain, forage, fiber, oilseed, vegetables, fruits and nuts, and other domesticated plant products. Crop production programs typically include in depth instruction in basic principles of health, plant science, and nutrition as applied to particular crop species and breeds; pest management; soil preparation and irrigation; product marketing; planting and harvesting operations; and applicable issues of safety, logistics, regulation, and supply.

The following colleges and universities provide majors and degree programs in crop production.

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