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There are many opportunities available for management professionals within criminal justice related fields who have the ability to implement new policies and ensure corrections facilities and police agencies are effectively managed. One of the best ways to begin a career in criminal justice management is to earn a MBA with a criminal justice emphasis from an online university. Security companies, forensic science agencies, correctional facilities, and police departments hire criminal justice managers.

Students enrolled in MBA programs in criminal justice will receive instruction in both the fundamentals of criminal justice and business management. However, they will receive instruction catered to individuals who will work in police departments or correctional facilities. Common curriculum in these programs includes classes in forensic science, parole and probation procedures, rehabilitating juveniles, and public policy.

Numerous accredited universities offer MBA programs in criminal justice that can be completed online. As a result, it’s not as difficult for working professionals to make a career transition, or people with family responsibilities to return to school and earn a MBA. Making the time and financial commitment to earn an MBA is worth it since most people receive salary increases after obtaining a MBA. In some cases, individuals earning MBAs receive a pay increase which is 30 percent higher than their pre-MBA salary. Earning an MBA will not automatically qualify someone for a massive pay raise, but skilled and knowledgeable criminal justice managers can make more than $70,000 a year. There should be plenty of job opportunities in this field since job growth has been projected at police agencies and correctional facilities through the near future.

MBA degree programs in Criminal Justice

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