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There are more places to work other than law enforcement agencies in the field of criminal justice. Opportunities are available with correctional and prison facilities, government agencies, law firms, and state parole and probation agencies. Many people work in criminal justice because it’s challenging, they get to work in varying surroundings, and they get an opportunity to help people making efforts to change their lives.

It’s possible to find an entry-level job in the criminal justice industry with a bachelor’s degree; however, those interested in management or very specialized positions are usually required to possess a master’s degree. Those specifically seeking a job with federal law enforcement agencies, such as the Border Patrol or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), will improve their job opportunities if they hold a master’s degree in criminal justice.

Steady job growth is projected in criminal justice related fields during the upcoming years. This can be attributed to concerns about public safety. During 2004, more than 800,000 people were employed in criminal justice related fields. Many of these individuals worked for police agencies. Those with master’s degrees in criminal justice will have an edge over other people vying for jobs in the competitive job market.

Master’s degree programs in Criminal Justice

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