Associate Degree in Criminal Justice

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Upon graduating from a criminal justice associate program, you will have a better understanding of how courts and criminal rehabilitation programs operate. Graduates of these programs can pursue opportunities as homeland security officers, security experts, prison guards, parole or probation officers, or crime scene investigative specialists. Graduates can also find entry-level opportunities working for police departments, courts, victim relief services, and correctional facilities. Frequently, graduates of online criminal justice programs apply their earned credits towards bachelor’s programs and later attend law school.

Criminal justice curriculum is centered around how the court system operates, law enforcement procedure, criminology, forensics, and the fundamentals of conducting a criminal investigation. Students enrolled in criminal justice programs will also be required to complete courses in urban studies, psychology, political science, and sociology.

Because of concerns about terrorism and modifications to criminal laws throughout the nation, demand for criminal justice specialists is on the rise. Among the professionals in high demand, include paralegals, parole, probation, corrections, and police officers, and professionals specializing in legal research. One of the best ways to begin a criminal justice career is by successfully completing an associate’s program.

Criminal Justice Associate Degrees

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