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Credit Management was recently named as one of the best jobs in America by CNN’s Fortune & Money magazine. Credit managers are responsible for overseeing and analyzing financial statements and credit data of companies and individuals in order to identify how much risk there is for making loans and extending lines of credit.

The median annual salary for credit managers in the U.S. is roughly $73,000. However, top producers can earn as much as $130,000 a year. Annual growth rate in this industry is 13% (about the twice the average). There are about 16,000 credit manager positions nationwide and the demand for these professional appears to be growing.

Credit management programs are designed to prepare students to manage operations relating to personal and business credit, loan processing, collateral, and related financial matters. A credit management program typically includes in depth instruction in general finance and banking principles, insurance, real estate, quantitative methods, taxation, business law and regulations, financial computer systems applications, database management, business and office management, communications skills, and professional ethics and standards.

While a few colleges offers specific degrees and programs in credit management, the large majority of credit managers prepare for a career in credit management by earning a degree in finance, accounting or other business related field. Below are colleges and universities providing majors and degree programs in credit management.

    • Degrees offered: Associate’s Degree, Certificate
    • Degrees offered: Associate’s Degree, Certificate
    • Degrees offered: Associate’s Degree, Certificate

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