College Degree Finder

You’ve taken the first step to getting
your education and launching your
career. What’s next?

1. Prepare to be contacted by
representatives from the school(s) you
chose to learn more about.

Get ready for your phone call(s) by
reviewing your career goals, researching
your desired program, and determining what
your ideal class schedule would look like.

2. Choose a school that fits who you

Be sure to ask lots of questions. When
you’re evaluating schools, make sure you
have as much information as you can so
that you feel empowered to make the best
decision for you. Be sure to ask questions
as they relate to financial aid options,
school loan options, accepted transfer
credits (if applicable), location of the
school, time to graduate,
, learning styles
(online, campus, or both), credibility of
the school, teaching staff, etc.

3. Take time to consider the pros and
Just like anything else, each school
will have varying pros and cons. After
you’ve asked all of your questions, sit
down and evaluate the pros and cons of
each institution. Nothing feels safer than
making a life-decision, armed with as many
facts as you can find.

4. Start the process of getting

Whichever school you choose to attend will
need to see your previous school
documents: diplomas, certificates, credit
records, etc. This will help them
understand your education history. Have
these documents ready for when you start
enrolling with the school that you’ve

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