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Most organizations rely on their computer information systems (CIS) infrastructure to successfully run their business operations. As a result, they are constantly seeking skilled CIS specialists and managers to oversee their CIS technology. After the dot-com bubble burst in the early 2000’s, CIS specialists were usually not affected. Today, job growth for CIS managers is constantly on the rise, so those entering the industry should have numerous job opportunities to choose from.

Individuals with MBAs in CIS are among the most heavily recruited job candidates within the CIS industry. Those enrolled in an online MBA program in CIS will learn how to oversee an organization’s CIS infrastructure, manage employees specializing in information and computer technology, set-up and implement CIS technology to meet a company’s needs, and effectively guard against online threats.

Earning an MBA in CIS will not automatically qualify someone for a high paying management job, but individuals with these types of MBAs significantly increase their earning potential and job opportunities. During 2004, the median salary for CIS managers was just under $100,000 a year. Moreover, individuals holding MBAs with a CIS emphasis earn higher annual salaries than those with general business MBAs. Graduates of MBA programs in CIS will develop the technical and business knowledge necessary to grow in this rapidly growing industry.

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