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Computer programmers are responsible for developing computer codes, and now many work with media companies developing special effects and computer animation. Those interested in learning about programming languages, such as C++ and digital imaging, can earn a bachelor’s degree in computer programming & software development.

Those with family and work responsibilities can earn a degree without neglecting these duties by enrolling in an online program. Most students enrolled in computer programming & software development programs are required to complete courses in software development and troubleshooting, computer science, and application development.

Computer programmers are usually well compensated for their knowledge and talents. They usually earn between $60,000-70,000 annually. Because this industry continues to grow, there should be plenty of opportunities available for those with bachelor’s degrees in programming and software development. It’s best to acquire as much education as possible if you want to work in programming and software development since many less technical positions are being outsourced to foreign markets. It’s not anticipated that jobs requiring extensive technical knowledge and skills will move overseas.

Bachelor Degree Programs in Computer Programming & Software Development

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