Associate Degree in Computer Programming

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Individuals interested in working as computer programmers can find entry-level opportunities with as little as an associate’s degree. People with full-time jobs interested in making a career transition to become computer programmers can complete an online degree at their convenience. In these programs, students will be introduced to data management, technical problem-solving strategies, programming languages, computer algorithms, SQL concepts, operating systems, website management and development, and other key computer programming concepts.

Many people enroll in computer programming associate programs to learn and master the two most commonly used programming languages: Java and C++, while others enroll to become better acquainted with Fortran, COBOL, Visual Basic, and HTML.

Associate program graduates have the option of transferring earned credits towards a bachelor’s program or applying for entry-level programming jobs. However, people applying for jobs immediately upon graduation should be aware that many companies prefer to hire those with bachelor’s degrees. Computer programmers can earn between $30,000-95,000 annually, with higher paying positions usually being filled by more experienced and educated employees.

Computer Program and Software Development Associate Degrees

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