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Communication Technologies

Communications technology and technician programs are designed to prepare students to work as managers and specialists in the communications industry. Students enrolled in these programs are required to complete courses in business management, economics, mediated and interpersonal communications, digital media, television, radio production, and communications systems and technology.

Communication technology is a rapidly growing and exciting field of study. Since communication technology programs are designed to satisfy the constantly evolving needs of the business world, students studying this major will complete various courses in communications, business management, and technology. Students must complete a broad range of courses to learn how to integrate communication, media, manufacturing, computer science, media, and business technologies. Likewise, students learn how to utilize modern technology to satisfy the needs of various organizations. Communications technology is an ideal major for students pursuing management careers for communication-based organizations.

Select a concentration below to explore various communication technology majors and view colleges and universities offering majors and degree programs in communications technology, video technology broadcasting, computer typography, and more.

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