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Communication occurs in more ways than just speaking. People can communicate by creating visual presentations, drafting letters, e-mails, and text messages, and playing music and singing. Organizations rely heavily on employees with the ability to relay information to customers, employees, and investors. They also rely on communication experts for marketing purposes. Those interested in sharing information with others in written, verbal, and visual forms should consider obtaining a bachelor’s degree in communication arts through an online program.

Students enrolled in communication arts programs are required to complete courses in visual, mass, and intercultural communication, various writing, and public speaking classes. Many programs also have multi-media technology credit requirements. After graduating, many people find jobs with print media and television companies.

Many graduates from communication arts programs find jobs as technical writers. These professionals are responsible for writing instruction manuals and web and other written content. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that the median salary for communication arts graduates is more than $40,000 annually. For those without an interest in working as technical writers or communication experts for media companies, there are many opportunities available at companies needing specialists to develop marketing content, write reports, and create company newsletters. However, those working for companies needing communication specialists usually do not earn large salaries when beginning their careers since many people compete for these jobs. After acquiring some work experience, most companies will increase a communication specialist’s salary.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Communication Arts

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