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University of Colorado Law School
Wolf Law Building, 401 UCB, Boulder 80309, Phone: (303) 492-7203
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The legal education at University of Colorado Law School offers a robust theoretical inquiry into law and the legal system, with a focus on doctrinal and policy analysis. In addition to theory, the UofC Law School helps students to develop professional skills that will help them determine a career path and hit the ground running after they’ve graduated and passed the bar exam. The University of Colorado Law School recognizes that the law is dynamic, so it strives to equip its students with the knowledge and skills required to excel in an evolving legal environment, address change headon, and excerise sound judgement in developing solutions for individuals, institutions, and nations.

The faculty and staff at UofC Law School are passionate about legal education and are 110% committed to ensuring students receive a well-rounded legal education that will prepare them to serve wisely in any situation and reach their full potential.

University of Denver – STURM College of Law
2255 East Evans Avenue, Denver 80208, Phone: (303) 871-6000

Over the last few years, the Sturm College of Law at University of Denver has grown substantially. According to the schools current Chancellor, Robert D. Coombe, with the addition of several new faculty members and professors, a new building, the development of the Nanda Center for International Law, and financial gifts by generous donors, the Sturm College of Law is positioned for a huge leap forward in stature and quality. If you’re considering a legal education at the Sturm College of Law, you’re looking in the right direction.

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