Top 100 Colleges Ranked by Highest Tuition

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RankName2011 Tuition2010-’11 % Increase
1Connecticut College$53,1103.9
2Bates College$53,0003.9
3Union College (NY)$52,3293.7
4Middlebury College$52,1502.7
5Colby College$51,9003.3
6Sarah Lawrence College$43,5643.8
7Vassar College$43,1903
8George Washington University$42,9053
9Bucknell University$42,3423.7
10Carnegie Melon$42,1363
11Kenyon College$42,1363
12wesleyan University$42,0845
13Bard College at Simon’s Rock$41,9824.5
14Tulane University$41,8843.2
15Colgate University$41,8702.2
16University of Richmond$41,6104
17Tufts University$41,5983.1
18Oberlin College$41,5773.9
19Dickinson College$41,5203.5
20Hamilton College$41,2803.8
21Reed College$41,2003.8
22Skidmore College$41,1841.9
23Franklin & Marshall College$41,1402.9
24Wheaton College (MA)$41,0843.1
25St. Johns College$40,2303
26. Carleton College$37,845
27. Hobart and William Smith College$37,820
28. Bowdoin College$37,790
29. Hampshire College$37,789
30. Scripps College$37,736
31. Johns Hopkins University$37,700
32. St. Lawrence University$37,675
33. Duke University$37,630
34. Gettysburg College$37,600
35. Bard College$37,574
36. Georgetown University$37,536
37. University of Pennsylvania$37,526
38. Mount Holyoke College$37,480
39. Columbia University$37,470
40. Boston College$37,410
41. Williams College$37,400
42. New York University$37,372
43. Bennington College$37,280
44. Lehigh University$37,250
45. Haverford College$37,175
46. University of Southern California$37,096
47. Wake Forest University$36,975
48. Amherst College$36,970
49. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute$36,950
50. Villanova University$36,950
51. Brown University$36,928
52. Dartmouth College$36,915
53. University of Chicago$36,891
54. Trinity College (CT)$36,864
55. University of Notre Dame$36,850
56. Claremont McKenna College$36,825
57. Northwestern University$36,756
58. Ursinus College$36,750
59. College of the Holy Cross$36,710
60. Pepperdine University$36,650
61. Boston University$36,540
62. Cornell University$36,504
63. Macalester College$36,504
64. Wellesley College$36,404
65. Harvey Mudd College$36,402
66. Worcester Polytechnic Institute$36,390
67. Washington University in St. Louis$36,200
68. Occidental College$36,160
69. Swarthmore College$36,154
70. MIT$36,140
71. Brandeis University$36,122
72. Vanderbilt University$36,100
73. Babson College$36,096
74. Stanford University$36,030
75. Barnard College$35,972
76. Lafayette College$35,904
77. Colorado College$35,844
78. Smith College$35,810
79. Emory University$35,800
80. Bryn Mawr College$35,700
81. Fairfield University$35,510
82. Yale University$35,300
83. Loyola College in Maryland$35,140
84. Muhlenberg College$35,125
85. Stevens Institute of Technology$35,070
86. Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering$35,000
87. Santa Clara University$34,950
88. Whitman College$34,880
89. University of Miami$34,834
90. Rollins College$34,520
91. Pitzer College$34,500
92. Case Western Reserve University$34,450
93. Denison University$34,410
94. St. Olaf College$34,300
95. Princeton University$34,290
96. Mills College$34,170
97. Furman University$34,048
98. University of San Diego$34,000
99. Loyola Marymount University$33,901
100. Clark University$33,900


Some colleges like Bates College, Colby College, Middlebury College, and Union College have a comprehensive fee (tuition + room/board). Their tuition numbers were taken by taking their total comprehensive fee and subtracting by the amount of rebate the college gives to students who choose to live off campus and go with their own housing and board options.

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