Top Colleges Ranked by Average Salary of Graduates

College Degree Finder recently released their rankings on what they consider to be the best colleges to attend. Their rankings are based on which colleges and degrees end up paying off the most for graduates.

Their salary survey, completed by 1.2 million users on the website over the last year, determines the average salary a college graduate should expect to receive both beginning and mid-career by college, major, and location. The overall goal of the survey is to help determine which undergraduate educations are the best investment, allowing prospective students (and their parents) to be able to figure the Return On Investment of going to college.

It may come as no surprise as to what colleges the highest paid first-year grads are coming from: Ivy League Colleges and Engineering (Tech) Schools.

Highest Starting Salary by College

1. Samuel Merritt University$91,600
2. Harvey Mudd College$88,000
3. Charles R Drew University of Medicine and Science$87,900
4. California Institute of Technology$87,300
5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology$86,800
6. Franklin W Olin College of Engineering$84,800
7. United States Military Academy$83,500
8. United States Naval Academy$83,500
9. United States Merchant Marine Academy$81,400
10. Stanford University$80,900
11. Webb Institute$79,700
12. Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences$79,000
13. United States Air Force Academy$76,000
14. Carnegie Mellon University$75,500
15. Harvard University$75,300
16. Stevens Institute of Technology$74,900
17. SUNY Maritime College$74,800
17. Colorado School of Mines$74,800
19. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology$74,600
20. Princeton University$74,500
21. Worchester Polytechnic Institute$73,200
22. University of Pennsylvania$72,900
23. Yale University$72,300
24. Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus$71,800
25. Rensselear Polytechnic Institute$71,200

Highest Mid-Career Median Salary by College

1. Stanford University$156,700
2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology$156,500
3. Harvey Mudd College$154,700
4. United States Naval Academy$154,100
5. Harvard University$151,600
6. United States Military Academy$151,200
7. California Institute of Technology$150,800
8. SUNY Maritime College$150,400
9. Princeton University$147,800
10. Dartmouth College$147,500
11. Yale University$146,300
12. Babson College$145,500
11. University of Pennsylvania$145,200
14. Santa Clara University$143,100
15. Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences$143,000
16. United States Air Force Academy$142,900
17. Duke University$142,800
18. Stevens Institute of Technology$142,400
19. Webb Institute$141,900
20. Franklin W Olin College of Engineering$141,500
21. United States Merchant Marine Academy$141,300
22. Colorado School of Mines$141,100
23. Williams College$140,900
24. University of California-Berkley$140,100
25. Georgetown University$140,000

Note: The data considers those whose education went no further than a bachelor’s level degree. Physicians, lawyers and others with advanced degrees were not included in the data. College data provided by

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