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“Choosing my college was such an easy decision,” said almost no one ever. Unless you had a parent who helped coach you into going to their alma mater or you had an experience that created a strong desire within you to attend a specific school, selecting a college will not likely be an easy decision. In fact, figuring out which college is right for you can often be a complicated process that requires serious thought and consideration. The college you eventually decide on will influence your future life experiences as well as your career that follows. Choosing a college is not a life sentence because you can always change schools if your decision doesn’t work, but you’ll likely have less stress and finish your degree quicker if you can choose a school from the get-go that you can stick with.

When you’re evaluating your college options, there are two ways to approach your decision of where to attend: 1) you can choose a college based on your financial needs, personal requirements, and desires for a college experience, then choose your major once you have decided on the school or after you have completed your freshman or sophomore year, 2) if you know exactly what you want to be and what you need to study to become that, it is advantageous to pick a school that is known for best-educating students in that field and who has a high employment rate post-graduation within that field.

No matter the process you choose for picking your college, we have compiled a way for you to explore over 1,300 college majors, and the over 7,000 accredited colleges that offer them. Simply select a category below and you will be taken to a list of the majors in that general category as well as a list of schools that offer that major.

(Note: All data presented is provided directly by each individual college via annual surveys sponsored by state and federal government agencies including the National Center for Education Statistics, Bureau of Labor Statistics, etc. As such, all data is free from commercial bias and is updated regularly.)