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Adult & Medical-Surgical Clinical Nursing (more commonly referred to as simply “medical-surgical nursing”) is a specialty within nursing that focuses on the direct patient care of adults in various clinical and healthcare settings. Historically, medical-surgical nursing was not viewed as specialty, rather a general nursing position filled by new nursing professionals. While still a large branch of nursing, due to medical advances that have occurred over the last few decades, medical-surgical nursing is now considered its own specialty and no longer an entry-level nursing position.

Licensed medical-surgical nurses work in various settings and positions, including emergency centers, home health care, inpatient clinics, surgical centers, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, HMO’s, healthcare administration, ambulatory surgical care, as well as nursing a wide various of humanitarian efforts a stark contrast to the days when all nurses were medical-surgical nurses and worked on wards. (Note: Many positions for medical-surgical nursing are available through the U.S. Armed Forces.)

There are several organizations dedicated to advancing the specialty of medical-surgical nursing, the most prominent being the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nursing (AMSN), which has chapters in every state nationwide. The mission of AMSN is to “promote excellence in adult health”.

The Medical-Surgical Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) is required to be a licensed registered nurse (RN) and have at least a graduate degree in nursing from an accredited and qualified CNS program. RNs may also qualify to become a Medical-Surgical CNS by earning a post master’s CNS certificate from a school that is recognized by a national nursing accrediting agency.

Below you can explore the top adult and medical-surgical clinical nurse specialist colleges and universities in the United States.

Clinical Nurse Specialist: Adult / Medical-Surgical College Rankings

1University of California–San Francisco – San Francisco, CA
2University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, PA
3Indiana University-Purdue University–Indianapolis – Indianapolis, IN
4Rush University – Chicago, IL

Source: U.S. News & World Report

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