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Children develop physically, emotionally, and cognitively at an early age. Therefore, when early problems and not identified and addressed, children often struggle as adults. Child psychologists are early childhood development specialists. They frequently meet with children with emotional, developmental, and behavioral problems. Adolescent psychologists work exclusively with teenagers coping with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, etc. Child psychologists typically:

  • Administer IQ and educational tests
  • Diagnose learning disabilities and behavioral problems
  • Counsel children with emotional problems
  • Conduct research and publish findings in academic journals

Child psychologists are employed at elementary schools, juvenile jails, government agencies, and private clinics. Many child psychologists work with children through their entire childhood. Most child psychologists enjoy their jobs but experience some stress since children can be difficult to work with. Successful child psychologists must be good problem-solvers, analytical thinkers, and extremely patient.

Child Psychologist Career

Child Psychologists typically work with kids 12 years or younger, but certain ones assist adolescents. Many children meet with child psychologists to cope after their parents get divorced or the death of a friend or family member. They also spend a lot of time counseling children with anxiety and behavioral problems. Child psychologists administer different types of treatments while counseling children.

Children have short attention spans, so working with them can be frustrating. Good child psychologists individualize assessment and treatment methods. Additionally, child psychologists must involve parents while treating children. Child psychologists frequently communicate with teachers, school administrators, other counselors, and doctors.

Developmental Child Psychologist Career

Developmental child psychologists typically conduct research, but they also practice clinically. Developmental child psychologists often specialize in adolescent development and aging.

Developmental child psychologists are experts in cognitive, moral, emotional, and language development. Research they conduct is used by psychiatrists and other specialists to improve therapy.

Developmental child psychologists are employed at hospitals, universities, schools, daycare centers, and private clinics. Those specializing in research typically work in locations where patients are treated since research is completed through patient evaluations.

Abnormal Child Psychologist Career

Abnormal child psychologists specialize in childhood anxiety, depression, behavioral problems, personality disorders, and psychopathology. Most children do not struggle with severe psychological problems, but children recovering from physical, sexual, or emotional abuse often develop serious mental health disorders.

Since recovery for abused children is a long process, it is not unusual for them to undergo years of counseling. Abnormal child psychologists often work with teachers, school administrators, doctors, and other specialists. They also frequently counsel parents with children undergoing therapy.

Adolescent Psychologist Career

Adolescent psychologists treat children aged 12-18, but they sometimes treat older patients. Adolescent psychologists often specialize in behavioral and psychological problems children tend to struggle with, such as anxiety, eating disorders, learning problems, and severe depression.

When treating patients, adolescent psychologists utilize various treatments, many of the same treatments used for adults. They stay in close contact with parents, teachers, and doctors while treating teenagers.

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