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Impractical goals and deadlines are two factors contributing to corporate fraud and ethics breaches. To generate revenue in a timely fashion, organizations rely on managers with the ability to solve problems, motivate employees, and manage financial resources.

Enrolling in a bachelor’s program in business management is one way to learn the skills necessary to successfully manage a business. Among the classes students will be required to enroll in include business ethics, economics, organizational behavior, human resources management, quality control, and many other classes.

Business management is a great field to enter in the current economic climate since job growth is estimated to continue to grow through 2014. People desiring to work as business managers should be aware that managers not only manage employees and develop organizational strategy, but they must also determine potential investment risks, monitor the condition of work equipment and facilities, and perform numerous other responsibilities.

Business management graduates obtaining entry-level jobs usually earn salaries near $40,000 annually. Those wanting better opportunities or higher salaries should earn a master’s degree. Regardless of the level of education one obtains, there are no guaranteed jobs or salaries. However, companies usually seek potential managers with college degrees and are willing to pay handsomely for talented managers.

Business Management Bachelor’s Degree Programs

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