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Students enrolling in business/information technology bachelor’s programs will develop the business and technology skills which are highly sought after in the modern workforce. Additionally, there will be plenty of job opportunities for graduates since the IT field is growing at a rapid rate. People with bachelor’s degrees in business/information technology can find job opportunities in additional industries as well. Graduates of these programs often fill important roles in database and employee management. Students enrolled in bachelor’s programs in business/information technology are usually required to complete the following courses: network administration, operating systems, financial management, and various courses in business management.

Working professionals with family responsibilities can make a career transition by completing an online program. Those utilizing this option do not have to travel to campus, and they can complete courses during their free time.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), during 2004, the median salary for business/information technology specialists was $59,000 a year. Even though earning a degree will not qualify a graduate for a high paying job, there will be numerous job opportunities available for business/information technology specialists during the near future.

Business Technology Bachelor Degree Programs

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