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Business administration is one of the most versatile and high-paying career fields in the world. Business administrators and managers are employed by corporations in just about every industry imaginable and can easily make well into the six figures. However, becoming a business administrator requires an indepth understanding of how markets work and how they impact the workplace. Business administrators must also be able to make near- and long-term operational plans based on foresight and forecasts; identify talent and hire the right employees for the right positions; be good with figures and numbers; and effectively manage large numbers of employees. While some individuals are natural born administrators, most business administrators acquire the skills, knowledge and talent required to administer corporations through experience and/or by earning an advanced degree in business administration.

While business administrators work in a large variety of career fields, the majority work as managers in business and finance. Business management and finance are pretty traditional career tracks for individuals with a business administration degree and they are also two of the highest paying fields. In the United States, the average salary for business and finance managers if roughly $106,000 a year ($51/hr) and it’s not uncommon for management professionals to make much more when you include benefits and bonuses. The highest paid managers are often found working in commodities exchange and securities, in sports/talent management and in the motion picture industry. The region where a business administrator/manager works will also make a big impact on his or her earning potential. Managers and administors working in New York, New Jersey, San Francisco and District of Columbia are some of the highest paid in the nation.

The Business Administration Degree

The business administration degree is a relatively new animal. Historically, business administrators and upper-level business managers worked their way up the corporate ladder–accumulating experience and on-the-job training along the way–until they were managing the corporations where they worked. There are still plenty of business administrators that got to the top the old fashioned way. Take Bill Gates (CEO of Microsoft) or Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of for example. These are two of the most successful business administrators in the world. They both went to Harvard and they both dropped out. Neither one relied on a business degree to get them where they are today. But these are the exceptions. For most successful administrators and upper-level business managers, the key to success is earning a business administration degree from a reputable business school.

While the Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA) has traditionally been the degree of choice among business students and employers, it is now considered an “entry-level” degree. The BBA is an increasing popular degree among students and aspiring business professionals but individuals looking to fast track their business administration careers will typically pursue a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). Aspiring business administrators with an MBA are able to find career opportunities both inside and outside of traditional business administration fields, ranging from startups to non-profits. (Note: It’s not uncommon to get started by earning a BBA, acquiring a few years of work experience and then returning to earn an MBA. Students who take a few years off after earning a BBA to acquire relevant work experience often find it easier to get accepted to a top tier MBA program.)

Business administration degrees are now available through traditional campus-based college programs or online via a virtual campus. In order to accomodate a growing number of working professionals, many top business school have begun offering business degrees and coursework entirely online. Some business program allow students to earn their degree on-campus and online. Below you can explore a comprehensive database of both campus-based and online schools that offers accredited business administration programs.

Business Administration Degrees and Programs

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