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The Bush School of Government and Public Service was built upon the vision of former president George H.W. Bush. Its mission is to prepare future leaders for public service and provide students the resources necessary to conduct research.

The Bush School provides students interested in public service with a well-rounded education. These three components are implemented into all degree programs: self-study, experiential learning, and carefully-crafted curriculum. All students benefit from this approach.

The Bush School was designed for non-traditional students and working professionals who cannot attend college classes on a campus. All courses are designed to optimize online learning. Students can complete courses during any hour of the day wherever the Internet is available.

Below are a few of the many programs offered by The Bush School. To view a complete list of programs, and to request more information from this school click on the “Request Information” button below.

  • Graduate Certificate in Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Graduate Certificate in Defense Policy & Military Affairs
  • Graduate Certificate in Diplomacy
  • Graduate Certificate in Emergency & Crisis Preparedness
  • Graduate Certificate in Fiscal & Performance Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Fundraising & Philanthropy
  • Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security Policy & Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Intelligence
  • Graduate Certificate in National Security Policy
  • Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management – Leadership Management
  • Graduate Certificate- Intl Nongovernmental Org
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