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Biotechnology is a rapidly growing industry. Biotechnology specialists usually earn large salaries. You can begin a well paying career in biotechnology by first earning an MBA with an emphasis in biotechnology through an online program. During an online MBA program in biotechnology, students will learn how to manage a biotechnology company.

The convenience offered by online programs makes it possible to acquire work experience while simultaneously earning a degree. In addition to management skills, students successfully completing MBA programs in biotechnology will learn how to effectively market, supervise employees, and budget a company’s finances. Students will also develop a better understanding of how biotechnology can benefit other industries.

Consulting firms and pharmaceutical companies heavily recruit people with MBAs in biotechnology. Nearly 25 percent of all people working in the biotechnology industry are managers, and it’s been projected that growth for these jobs will rise by almost 30 percent during the next ten years.

Managers working in biotechnology are usually handsomely paid for their expertise and skills. During 2004, the median salary for managers working for pharmaceutical companies exceeded $50,000 a year.

MBA degrees for a career in Biotechnology

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