Biology Study Skills Guides and Resources

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Editor reviewed and recommended biology study skills guides, tutorials and learning resources. Learn how to study biology.

  • Biology Study Skills – Review 19 useful study techniques that will help you improve your academic performance in biology.
  • Taking Notes and Reading Biology – Note taking is very important element of effective studying in biology courses. Learn what your notes should include and what they should not.
  • Tips for Studying Biology – Studying Biology is different than studying for other sciences such as Physics and Chemistry. Explore a variety of tips for improving your study of Biology.
  • How to Study for Biology Exams – the title says it all. Learn techniques and strategies for improving your performance on Biology exams.
  • How to Survive Microbiology – microbiology is often perceived as a complex and difficult subject of study. Explore 6 useful study tips and techniques that will make microbiology easier to learn and more enjoyable.
  • Biology Study Skills – identifies 19 different study skills that will help improve your academic performance in biology courses.
  • Handbook for Writing in Biology – this is a student handbook offered free of charge by Karin Knisely at Bucknell University.
  • A Guide to Writing in the Biological Sciences – outlines the sections that should be included in a biology paper/report including Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion and Literature Cited.
  • How to Write a Lab Report – another greate reference that reviews what should and should not be included in a biology report.
  • How to Study Biology – offers an explanation of how study for biology as well as several tips and techniques to help you improve your biology study skills.
  • Practice Tips for Scientific Writing – addresses the use of abbrviations, acronyms, chemical elements, contractions, data, direct quotes, fluff, footnotes, run-on sentences and more.

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