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With a population of just over 163,000, the Billings Montana Metro Area is the most populous region in the state of Montana. The city itself has a population of roughly 107,000. Unlike other areas in the country, Billings has a strong economy and is experiencing rapith economic growth and population increase. Lockwood, a suburb of Billings, experienced nearly 60% growth between 2000 and 2010 – an unprecedented growth rate. Billings avoided the economic downturn and housing bust that affected most of the nation between 2008 and 2012. Why? Billlings economy is based on conservative values, sound politics, a business friend environment that is pro-business, and vast natural resources. Its strong economy is also due, in large part, to the Bakken oil pay near North Dakota, where the largest oil discovery in the history of the United States is located. The economy is also driven by large coal and natural gas reserves located throughout the state.

In addition to a strong economy, Montana has a strong job market. The jobless rate in Montana is well below the national averages and if you have technical skills or knowledge, with a strong work ethic, Montana is great place to find a relatively high paying job. Billings is the economic hub of the state and services a trade area of over 500,000 people. It is also a major trade center in the region and the headquarters for many major businesses and corporations. Fortune Small Business magazine recently named the city of Billings the No.1 city in the United State for new business startups. It’s important to recognized that nearly every industry in Billings is thriving. The city has a strong medical and healthcare industry, service sector, retail sector, and hospitality ad entertainment are booming. This creates job opportunity for professionals with a diverse set of interests and skill sets.

Billings is also a good place to get an education and gain valuable technical skills. There are number of four-year universities and two-year community and technical colleges in Billings, including Montana State University – Billings (MSU Billings), Rocky Mountain College, Yellowstone Baptist College – all four-year colleges – and the College of Technology (a.k.a. Billings College of Technology) – a vocational-technical college – which was merged with Montana State University – Billings in 1994. Today, the Billings College of Technology is the “comprehensive two-year college arm” of MSU Billings, and offers associate and career-oriented technical degrees in various disciplines including business, nursing/healthcare, automotive technology, and computer technology, among others.

Below you can view detailed profiles for accredited two-year community colleges and technical schools located in Billings, Montana.

College of Technology
1500 University Drive
Billings, MT 59101-0298
main phone: (406) 657-2011
admission phone: (800) 656-6782
admission fax: (406) 657-2051
Billings College of Technology has a total enrollment of over 4,200 students and offers Certificate and Associate’s degrees and professional programs.

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