What is a Bachelor’s Degree

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A bachelor’s degree, sometimes referred to as a baccalaureate degree, is an undergraduate degree offered by four-year colleges and universities. It typically takes four to five years of full-time study to complete and requires completion of 120 to 128 credits, or semester hours, which equates to about 40 courses. Bachelor’s degrees are by far the most popular undergraduate degrees offered. A bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite for entry into most graduate programs and is the degree that most employers are looking for in new hires.

Most bachelor’s degree programs have a general education component, composed of courses in English, science, math, communications, humanities, and social sciences. For students entering a bachelor’s degree program with an associate’s degree under their belt, they may have already met some, if not all, of the general education requirements. Most universities allow the transfer of up to 60 credits, from an accredited associate degree or community college program. In addition to general education courses, bachelor’s degrees require students to select a “major”, or a particular area of academic focus (e.g., Biology, Math, Arts, English, Foreign Language, etc.).

While there are several types of bachelor’s degrees, and program title vary by university, there two primary kinds:

  • Bachelor of Arts (abbreviated BA or AB) The BA is a 4 year college degree that usually focuses on the arts. Coursework may include social sciences, humanities, music or fine arts.
  • Bachelor of Science (abbreviated BS or BSc) The BS is a 4 year college degree that usually focuses on the sciences. Coursework may include life sciences, mathematics, and physical sciences.

The following is a list of the most common bachelor’s degree offered in the United States:

Architecture and Design



  • Bachelor of Engineering (BEng, BE, BSE, BESc, BSEng, BASc, BTech, BSc(Eng), AMIE,GradIETE)
  • Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech. or B.Tech.)
  • Bachelor of Engineering Technology (BSET)

Business and Management

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • International Business Economics (BIBE)
  • Bachelor of Science in Business (BSBA)
  • Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)
  • Bachelor of Administrative Studies
  • Bachelor of International Business Economics (BIBE)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (BCom, or BComm)
  • Bachelor of Business (BBus or BBus)
  • Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies (BMOS)
  • Bachelor of Business Science (BBusSc)
  • Bachelor of Accountancy (B.Acy. or B.Acc. or B. Accty)
  • Bachelor of Comptrolling (B.Acc.Sci. or B.Compt.).
  • Bachelor of Economics (BEc, BEconSc; sometimes BA(Econ) or BSc(Econ))
  • Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management (BAOM)

Computer Science and Information Systems

  • Bachelor of Computing (BComp)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (BCompSc)
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSc IT),
  • Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology (BAppSc(IT)
  • Bachelor of Business Information Systems (BBIS)

Healthcare and Medicine

  • Intercalated Bachelor of Science (BSc)
  • Bachelor of Medical Science (BMedSci)
  • Bachelor of Medical Biology (BMedBiol)
  • Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS)
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BN, BNSc, BScN, BSN, BNurs, BSN, BHSc)
  • Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSPH)
  • Bachelor of Health Science (BHS & BHSc)
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Biology (BSc)
  • Bachelor of Kinesiology (BKin, BSc(Kin), BHK)
  • Bachelor of Aviation (BAvn)

Divinity and Theology

  • Bachelor of Divinity (BD or BDiv)
  • Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.; Th.B. or BTheol)
  • Bachelor of Religious Studies (BRS)
  • Bachelor of Religious Education (BRE)

Fine Arts

Film and Television

  • Bachelor of Film and Television (BF&TV)

Integrated Studies

  • Bachelor of integrated studies (BIS)


  • Bachelor of Journalism (BJ, BAJ, BSJ or BJourn)

Landscape Architecture

  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLArch)

Liberal Arts

  • Bachelor of Liberal Arts (B.L.A.; occasionally A.L.B.)
  • Bachelor of General Studies (BGS, BSGS)
  • Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS)
  • Bachelor of Liberal Studies
  • Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS)

Library Science

  • Bachelor of Library Science (BLS, BLib)
  • Bachelor of Library and Information Science (BLIS)


  • Bachelor of Music (BM or BMus)
  • Bachelor of Art in Music (BA in Music)

Music Education

  • Bachelor of Music Education (BME)

Mortuary Science

  • Bachelor of Mortuary Science (BMS)


  • Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil, PhB)


  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BAPSY)
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BSc(Psych))


  • Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE, BS in Ed)
  • Bachelor of Arts for Teaching (BAT)
  • Bachelor of Science and/with education degree (BScEd)


  • Bachelor of Science in Forestry (B.S.F. or B.Sc.F.)


Science in Law

  • Bachelor of Science in Law (BSL)

Social Sciences

  • Bachelor of Social Science (BSocSc)

Social Work

  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BSW or BASW)


  • Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech)

Talmudic law

  • Bachelor of Talmudic Law (BTL)

Tourism Studies

  • Bachelor of Tourism Studies (BTS)


  • Bachelor of Mathematics (BMath)
  • Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences (BMathSc)

Urban and Regional Planning

  • Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning (BURP and BPlan)

Public Affairs and Policy Management

  • Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management (BPAPM)