Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science (BAAS)

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The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences is undergraduate bachelor’s degree often designated by the abbreviation BAAS or BAASc. In the United States, college students desiring to obtain a BAAS degree are typicallly required to complete formal academic education, work-related training and certification. Unlike the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) that is intended to provide students a broad liberal arts education and prepare them for graduate school, the BAAS is more of a vocational degree that prepare students for a specific career path or occupation. However, like a traditional bachelor’s degree the BAAS requires a fair amount of formal college level academic education in core areas including History, English, Political Science, Sociology, Philosophy and the natural sciences such as Math, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Student are required to complete 60 semester credit hours of core classes.

In all, a BAAS degree requires the completion of at least 120 semester credit hours (the typical requirement for a bachelor’s degree). Work experience is an important aspect of the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree. Students can earn up to 30 hours of academic credit that can be applied toward there degree through qualified work experience. The remaining 30 hours required to meet the 120 credit threshold is comprised for formal upper-level academic or “major” courses.

Like any other bachelor’s degree in the United States, BAAS degrees are accredited when awarded by colleges or universities that regionally accredited. And even though these degrees are often used in preparation for a career, they also qualify students to continue on to graduate school to earn a master’s or doctoral degree.

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