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Those interested in managing a large airline carrier or obtaining a good paying job within the aviation industry can improve their opportunities by earning a MBA with an emphasis in aviation. The aviation industry is constantly changing, so airline companies rely on skilled managers to make smart decisions during these periods of change.

Earning an MBA online is a great way to keep a full-time job and attend to family responsibilities while completing a college program. Students enrolled in online MBA aviation programs will learn how to effectively manage an aviation company, how to market services, and how to smartly manage finances in their complex industry.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects steady job growth within the aviation industry through the near future. The companies that should experience the most growth are those offering discounted fares. Although under 5 percent of people working in aviation work as managers, it’s been estimated that job growth for these professionals will near 20 percent during the next 10 years.

Companies within the aviation industry usually offer excellent benefits to their employees, which could include health insurance and discounted or free airline vouchers for employees and their family members. During 2008, the median annual salary for aviation managers exceeded $50,000.

Aviation Master’s and MBA Degree Programs

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