Best Colleges for Athletic Training and Sports Medicine

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best colleges for athletic training and sports medicine

This program is designed to prepare students to work in consultation with, and under the supervision of physicians to prevent and treat sports injuries and associated conditions. This program frequently includes in depth instruction in the evaluation, identification, and treatment of athletic injuries and illnesses; therapeutic exercise; first aid and emergency care; anatomy and physiology; kinesiology and biomechanics; exercise physiology; nutrition; knowledge of various sports and their biomechanical and physiological demands; personal and community health; sports psychology; and applicable professional standards and regulations.

Many of the colleges below also offer residency training programs designed to prepare aspiring physicians and medical doctors in the pathology and biomechanics of athletic injuries and the effects of injury on the athlete, including both physical and psychological manifestations. This program frequently includes in depth instruction in therapy and rehabilitation, acute and chronic patient supervision, and diagnostic procedures. Requires prior completion of a program in family medicine, emergency medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, orthopedic surgery, or physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Athletic Training and Sports Medicine Degree Finder

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