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If you like art, decorating your house, or are very creative, a career in art and design fits you well. Individuals with great imagination and vision can make good money in an art and design related career. No matter your interests, earning a bachelor’s degree in art and design through an online program can be the first step towards a rewarding career.

There are a variety of jobs one can find in art and design related fields. Many people find jobs as fashion designers, graphic design specialists, animators, artists, multi-media specialists and interior decorators. Since there are many different jobs related to this field, salaries vary, usually depending on specialty. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), average salaries for people in art and design related careers are a little more than $73,000 annually. Although earning a college degree will not guarantee that you land your dream job or earn a large salary, it will improve your job opportunities in this competitive field.

Specific curriculum in art and design programs reflects your selected specialty. Depending on it, students could be required to complete courses in typography, fashion design, web design, art history, interior design, and many others. Online art and design programs make it possible for working professionals to attend to their work and family responsibilities while finishing their education

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