Anticipating Test Content

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Prepare for tests by reviewing study guides created by class instructors. Study guides typically contain main points and suggested readings.

Find out from the teacher what to expect on the exam. Most teachers are willing to tell students the main concepts that will be on the test.

Take copious notes right before the exam. Teachers often give hints days before the test.

Try to figure out possible test questions. Create a list of questions and test yourself on them.

When possible, review previous examinations to get familiar with the format and get an idea of what will be tested.

Put together study groups with other classmates since peers often provide useful insights during study sessions.

Try to determine potential test questions from clues during classroom lectures. Pay close attention if the teacher does the following:

  • Writes terms on the whiteboard
  • Repeats something
  • Poses questions to generate classroom discussions
  • Reviews lecture notes
  • Notifies the class that a specific topic will be tested

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