Anthropology Study Skills Guides and Resources

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Editor reviewed and recommended anthropology study skills guides, tutorials and learning resources. Learn how to study anthropology.

  • Anthropology – this article provides a introduction to the types of writing you’re likely to encounter in anthropology courses as well as how you should approach your assignments.
  • Anthropology – Information Organization – explore a number of information organization strategies that will help you improve your study of anthropology.
  • Anthropology Memory Strategies – discover several memory strategies that work well for those who are studying anthropology. These strategies include visual imagery, phonetic manipulations, mnemonics, clustering, alphabetizing, and chunking.
  • Anthropology Test Taking Strategies – this article address three very useful test taking strategies for anthropology students. These include looking for clues, information dumping, and organizing essay answers.
  • Writing An Anthropology Paper – guide providing a several effective ways for improving your writing skills, especially if its your first time writing an anthropology paper.
  • Citing Sources in Anthropology – proper citation is important when it comes to writing an anthropology paper. Learn how to cite sources in an anthropology paper the correct way.