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Alaska, the largest state in the US, is home to only a handful of accredited colleges and universities. A large percent of Alaska’s population is located in the state’s major port Anchorage. Most of the state’s colleges and universities are also located their as well. Top universities in Alaska include the University of Alaska and Alaska Pacific University. The University of Alaska also has campuses located in the interior cities of Juneau, Fairbanks, Ketchikan and Sitka.

From bachelors, masters and PhD degrees offered at 4-year univerities to professional certificate programs at 2-year community colleges and technical schools, the colleges in Alaska offer students a large variety of educational and career training opportunities. In fact, US News & World Report recently rated Alaska Pacific University as having one of the top master’s degree programs in the nation. Because Alaska colleges are relatively sparse, online degree programs are another popular option for Alaska residents who are looking for a convenient education solution that provides a lot of options.

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