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At AIU Online, students can earn an accredited Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication, Business Administration, Information Technology, Criminal Justice or BBAs in Accounting and Finance, Healthcare Management, Management, Marketing or Human Resources, or Associate’s Degree in Information Technology or Business relatively quickly. AIU Online also offers Master’s degrees in IT, Business Administration (MBA) or Education, or MBA degree programs in Accounting and Finance, Management, Marketing, Human Resources, or Healthcare Management that can be completed entirely online.

  • You can study at your convenience online 24/7
  • You’ll learn from outstanding interactive multimedia coursework
  • You’ll have access to the American Intercontinental University Online Library
  • You’ll learn from qualified instructors with practical, real-world experience
  • You’ll work toward a degree that is relevant to your chosen career field

American InterContinental University is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. To contact the Higher Learning Commission please visit

A Virtual Campus Experience Online

The American InterContinental University (AIU) virtual online campus offers accelerated degree programs with virtual classrooms that are accessible via any computer with Internet connectivity. As an AIU Online student you’ll have access to a virtual campus experience, seven days a week, 24 hours day. Whether you choose to pursue your degree while traveling, at work, or at home AIU Online will help you reach your educational goals.

The following are just a few of the degree programs offered by AIU Online. To view a complete list of degrees, courses, and programs, and to request more information about a specific program click on the “Request Information” button below.

Art & Design Programs

  • Associate’s (AABA) – Visual Communication
  • Bachelor’s (BFA) – Digital Design

Business Programs

  • Associate’s (AABA) – Human Resources
  • Associate’s of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – International Business
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – Project Management
  • Bachelor’s of Business Administration – Organizational Psychology and Development
  • Bachelor’s of Business Administration – Accounting & Finance
  • Bachelor’s of Business Administration – Management
  • Bachelor’s of Business Administration – Marketing
  • Bachelor’s of Business Administration – Operations Management
  • Business Administration – Human Resource Management
  • MBA – Accounting and Finance
  • MBA – Finance
  • MBA – Human Resource Management
  • MBA – International Business
  • MBA – Management
  • MBA – Marketing
  • MBA – Operations Management
  • MBA – Organizational Psychology and Development
  • MBA – Project Management

Education Programs

  • Master’s (M. Ed.) in Educational Assessment and Evaluation
  • Master’s (M. Ed.) in Leadership in Educational Organizations
  • Master’s of Education (M.Ed.) in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Master’s of Education (M.Ed.) in Instructional Technology

Health Programs

  • Associate’s (AABA) – Healthcare Administration
  • Associate’s (AABA) – Medical Coding and Billing
  • Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Healthcare Management
  • MBA – Healthcare Management

Law & Criminal Justice Programs

  • Associate’s (AABA) – Criminal Justice Administration Track
  • Bachelor’s (BSCJ) – Special Populations
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice – Forensic Science
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement/Policing Focus

Liberal Arts & Humanities Programs

  • Bachelor’s (BFA) – Digital Design

Social Science Programs

  • Bachelor’s of Business Administration – Organizational Psychology and Development
  • MBA – Organizational Psychology and Development

 Technology & IT Programs

  • Associate’s (AABA) – Information Systems
  • Bachelor’s (BFA) – Web Design
  • Bachelor’s (BIT) – Computer Forensics
  • Bachelor’s (BIT) – Computer Systems
  • Bachelor’s (BIT) – Internet Security
  • Bachelor’s (BIT) – Network Administration
  • Bachelor’s (BIT) – Programming
  • Bachelor’s of Information Technology
  • Master of Information Technology in IT Project Management
  • Master’s (MIT) – Internet Security
  • Master’s Degree in Information Technology

Request more information on any of the programs listed above by clicking on the “Request Information” button located to the right.

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