Agriculture MBA Degree

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Agricultural technology has increased the amount of crop output farmers can produce during a given year. As a result, the agriculture business has grown in size and become more complex. Individuals interested in the agriculture business can improve their job opportunities and earning potential in this complex industry by earning a MBA in agriculture.

Although the growth in family owned farms is projected to decline in the near future, the growth of corporate farms is expected to rapidly increase. Individuals possessing MBAs with emphases in agriculture will position themselves for a management job with a large corporate farm. Most farm managers make more than $30,000 a year, which is not necessarily large, but these management jobs are usually located in rural areas where it does not cost a lot to live.

Individuals with family and work responsibilities can earn an MBA while not neglecting their duties by enrolling in an online program. Students enrolled in these programs will learn about finance, business management, marketing, and how to increase agricultural production. Many people holding MBAs with an agriculture emphasis eventually obtain senior-management jobs with large agricultural companies.

Prepare for a Career in Agriculture with an MBA

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