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You’re not finished learning after completing a test. Students often do not analyze performance and learn from it after taking a test. Good students take time to critique themselves and set goals. Utilize these strategies to improve test-taking skills:

Compare How Well You Performed With How Well You Prepared

Identify when you began studying for the test and the strategies you used to prepare. Likewise, determine whether your time was used efficiently and what you can do in the future to improve test scores. If you received an unsatisfactory score, write down specific reasons for the low score.

Get Feedback from Your Instructor

Schedule time to meet with the teacher to discuss test problems you have questions about. If you disagree with a grade, provide logical reasons why you disagree with your teacher’s assessment. Seek advice for what you can do in the future to better prepare for tests.

Keep All of Your Study Materials

Do not throw away tests. Sometimes teachers and aides make mistakes while correcting tests. Old tests can be used to prepare for comprehensive final exams.

Evaluate Your Test Answers

Review essay and other objective questions to determine what you did right and wrong. Identify patterns, critique your performance, and make notes of what can be done differently in the future. After reviewing tests, develop specific goals to perform better in the future.

Perform A Self-Referenced Evaluation

Do not waste time being overly critical of yourself after underperforming on a test. Instead, analyze what preparation strategies worked and which ones were ineffective. Identify where you were prior to taking the test and how much you’ve learned since then. Make necessary adjustments and begin preparing for the next exam. Seek help from the teacher, a peer tutor, or classmate if necessary.

What To Do if You Bombed the Test

Every student occasionally bombs a test. Do not become overly emotional when analyzing your performance. Many students have unrealistic expectations, while others fail to put in the necessary time to receive high test scores. Identify what you did wrong and begin implementing changes to avoid future failures.

Seek advice from students who performed well on the test. Ask them about study habits and preparation strategies that worked for them. Sit down with your teacher to discuss what you can do differently in the future.

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