Accounting Study Skills Guides and Resources

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Editor reviewed and recommended accounting study skills guides, tutorials and learning resources. Learn how to study accounting.

  • Accounting Reading Strategies – strategies addressed included SQ3R, illustrations, margin notes, index development, flash cards, flow charts, matrices, outlines and hierarchies.
  • Accounting Problems: Learning Strategies – the key to learning accounting problems is practice, practice AND more practice! Explore useful tips that will help you improve your ability to practice account.
  • Success Strategies in Financial Accounting – addresses strategies for reading accounting text, listening to lectures, completing homework and taking tests.
  • A Guide for Student Studying Accounting – explore a useful series of rules, techniques and suggestions designed for accounting students that will help you improve the effectiveness of your studying.
  • Cengage Learning: How to Study Accounting – explores different techniques and strategies that have proven very useful when trying to improve your ability to learn and study accounting.
  • Deanza College: How to Study Accounting – article by Ken Harper that addresses cumulative study, maintaining a good attendance record, participation in class activity, pitfalls of memorization, note taking, study groups, preparation, staying on top of things, tape recording class lectures and exploring other resources.