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In recent years, the United States Congress has enacted legislation to increase regulation in the accounting industry because of large scale corporate scandals. As a result, there are more job opportunities available for qualified accountants. One of the best ways to begin an accounting career is to earn a master’s degree. Accounting specialists must understand the various laws governing the accounting and finance industries. They are also expected to adhere to high ethical standards.

Competition for accounting jobs can be intense, but the enactment of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act resulted in increased job growth for both finance and accounting specialists. Many employers within accounting recruit individuals with master’s degrees in accounting. Oftentimes, accounting and finance firms will promote qualified employees with master’s degrees to management positions. Those with associate’s or bachelor’s degrees in accounting usually can demonstrate a solid background in basic finance and accounting concepts, but those who’ve completed master’s degrees develop specialized knowledge in areas such as risk management and other accounting fields highly attractive to employers. Accounting firms are usually willing to pay handsome salaries to knowledgeable and skilled accounting professionals.

Since Sarbanes-Oxley was enacted in 2002, many accounting professionals who graduated prior to this new legislation have not had the time to return to school and learn about the new regulations. However, there are many online programs available for working professionals wanting to return to school but unable to attend classes at a university campus.

Earning a master’s degree in accounting will not automatically qualify someone for a high paying job, but most companies look to fill high paying jobs are looking for people possessing graduate degrees. In the future there will be plenty of job opportunities for qualified accountants.

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