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It has been documented that college graduates usually earn more money through the course of their working lives than those with only high school degrees. In some industries, companies will only hire individuals with college degrees. This is particularly true of accounting firms. To qualify for most entry-level accounting jobs, potential candidates are usually required to hold a bachelor’s in accounting degree.

Most accounting programs have a finance and an accounting element to them. Common accounting curriculum includes auditing and tax law courses. Because the regulations created by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act passed by the United States’ Congress during 2002 have heavily impacted the accounting industry, students are usually required to complete a course to familiarize themselves with this law.

The finance curriculum in most accounting programs includes classes in financial accounting, corporate finance, and risk management.

Those with accounting associate’s degrees can transfer their earned credits towards a bachelor’s degree. Working professionals unable to quit their jobs and study on campus can complete their accounting degree at their convenience through an online program.

Accounting Bachelor Degree Programs

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